All About Water

Six people kayaking at night in a canal.

Water Recreation to Us

Water recreation is our favorite type of recreation. Wake surfing, sailing, and kayaking are at the top of our favorite activities list. However, we also treasure our quiet time at the water’s edge whether it is sitting on the dock of the bay, on the beach, or along a stream. There is simply something special about being close to water. (Photo was taken during a kayaking-by-the-light-of-the-moon outing in Naples, Florida.)

There are countless water recreation events across this beautiful country. We will share some of our favorites here and invite you to send us a logo and link to your favorites. (Picture was taken on the Gulf of Mexico off Naples, Florida.)

Sailboat with red sail on blue water.
Rafting team paddling through rapids.

Some of Our Favorite Water Recreation

We want our customers to feel and create their own connection with All About Water.

These are some of our favorite and most memorable water related activities. 

  • Morning coffee watching the sunrise and mist over chilly water
  • Water skiing, tubing, surfing
  • Kayaking, canoeing
  • Looking for rocks – agates and Petoskey stones especially (at the Great Lakes)
  • Looking for shells (along oceans)
  • Cruisin’ on a pontoon with family and friends
  • Sailing
  • Fly fishing for trout or salmon
  • Fishing for bass, bluegill, or pike
  • Fishing for steelhead or salmon on Lake Michigan
  • Deepsea fishing for whatever we can catch in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Sunsets on a beach anywhere
  • Beach fires with s’mores
  • Watching a waterfall
  • Listening to and watching a babbling brook
  • Watching the sunshine glisten on a small pond
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • White water rafting

What are yours?

We invite you to send us a link to your favorite water-related events anywhere on earth. 
We may post those logos and links either here or on social media.

(Picture taken on the White Salmon River, Washington.)

Water Recreation Activities