All About Water

Live There? Been There?

There are currently 23 different graphics in this theme. The Live There? Been There? theme was inspired by other brands that are based on a specific location rather than an activity or product. What is unique about their graphics is that the graphics do not specify the location. You may know of one of these types of brands near you. In Michigan there is at least one based on a state highway. In Florida there is one based on a county highway. The primary graphic for these two examples is literally a reproduction of the specific highway sign. The point is, “IYKYK” (If you know, you know.). We could have gone with IYKYK as the name of this theme, but we … didn’t. The graphics in this theme are generally representations of states, lakes, countries, or other specific areas.  Examples include: the shape of the Great Lakes, Cape Cod, Long Island, Florida, and California to name just a few. And like those other brands, our graphics do not identify the specific location, because IYKYK. Do you have a favorite location known for water recreation or conservation that is not yet represented? We would love to know your suggestions. We intend to add new locations often.

Cool? Nerdy? You decide!

There are 9 different graphics in this theme. The name for this theme was inspired by the initial reactions of some people to a couple of early designs in this theme. (No, we aren’t going to tell you which designs and we aren’t going to tell you who had the reactions.) We are excited about the graphics here, but understand that some people will always think of some (maybe only one or two) of these as Nerdy. Examples include word clouds and our take on the iconic, I Heart NY graphic. Check back from time to time because we have many more ideas in the works. 

Retro Vintage

The 12 different graphics in this theme have been inspired by the art seen on t-shirts since the glory days of silk screening. The application method is updated, but we think you will find the styles are familiar. Examples include images we refer to as: Ride the Wave, Sailing Away, and Cool Waves.

Stylized Surreal

The 4 graphics here are similar to what you might see on major brands popular with anglers. The colors and details are photo quality, but were created from scratch by veteran artist Brian Kalt. We are excited to have some of Brian’s work in our portfolio. We currently have both salt water and fresh water fish species featured: Mahi Mahi and Small Mouth Bass are examples.